How do I find my tennis rating?

Please follow the steps below to find NTRP rating information:

  1. Navigate to the TennisLink Leagues Homepage.
  2. Under Find NTRP Rating Info, enter USTA Account #, team # or player name.
  3. Click SEARCH.

>> Click to

Also know, how do I find my dynamic tennis rating?

Dynamic Rating: A Dynamic Rating is generated at the conclusion of a player’s most recently completed USTA League Adult Division match. Dynamic Ratings are calculated to the hundredths of a point and are not published. A Dynamic Rating may be calculated after each match and it may change with each match played.

Hereof, what is my UTR tennis rating? UTR is calculated by an algorithm using a player’s match scores from the last 12 months. For each eligible match, the algorithm calculates a match rating and a match weight; a player’s UTR is the weighted average of all the match ratings.

Accordingly, how do I find my USTA rating?

Go to You can enter a USTA Membership # or player name and click Search to find ranking information. Click on the player name that is returned via the search results to see all the ranking lists that this player is on.

What is a Level 5 tennis player?

A person with a 5.0 tennis rating has learned good shot anticipation and can consistently hit different strokes with depth and control. At this level the person can also hit winners and force errors by the opponent.

What is the difference between a 3.5 and 4.0 tennis player?

The 3.5 is simply trying to keep the ball in play. The 3.5 player will win points and games by staying in rallies and letting the 4.0 make mistakes. Whereas the 4.0 will win games by forcing errors and hitting more winners.

What is a 4.0 tennis player?

4.0. Intermediate-Advanced Player: Has dependable strokes, including directional control and depth on both forehand and backhand sides plus the ability to use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success. May be starting to master the use of power and spins (though tends to over-hit difficult shots).

How often is tennis record update?

Dynamic ratings are not disclosed to players, whereas year-end ratings are published annually at NTRP levels. Dynamic ratings are expressed to the one-hundredth of a point, whereas year-end ratings are expressed only to the one-half point.

How do you rate yourself in tennis?

Guidelines to rate yourself:

Start reading from the top of the chart, beginning with Level 1.0. Find the level that best describes your general level of play. Ask your Instructor or Coach to validate your self-rating, if you think that will help. Remember that as you play more, and improve, your rating may improve.

Is a 7 UTR good?

The UTR system is powered by over 7 million match results, across 700 thousand players in over 200 countries. This system is used by most college coaches in the recruiting process.

ATP Ranking Player UTR Rating
7 Marin Cilic 15.94
8 Dominic Thiem 15.85
9 Kei Nishikori 15.77
10 John Isner 15.46

Who has the highest UTR in the world?

The Universal Tennis Rating Scale

For example, as of January 2018, Rafael Nadal of Spain held a UTR of 16.27 and Switzerland’s Roger Federer was at 16.21. Simona Halep of Romania was rated at 13.26 and Serena Williams of the United States at 13.20.

How can I increase my UTR fast?

What’s the best way to improve my UTR Rating?

  1. Play Well – Performing well in matches is the easiest way to improve your UTR Rating. …
  2. Play Often – The more matches you play, the quicker your UTR Rating will reflect your current form.

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