What is a good table tennis rating?

USA Table Tennis (USATT), the national governing body for table tennis, has a national rating system, and all matches in USATT sanctioned tournaments are rated. … An average tournament player is in the 1400-1800 range. A beginner is usually in the 200-1000 range.

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Besides, how do you get rated in table tennis?

Here’s How Table Tennis Ratings Are Calculated. The Brisbane Table Tennis club uses “Ratings Central” to rate all players, from world-class to beginner. Rating points are gained or lost by winning and losing matches in singles matches in tournament and weekly fixture results.

Also know, what is a good Usatt rating?
Under 1000 Beginners
1000-1700 Intermediate
1400-1700 Average member of USA Table Tennis
1700-1800 Average tournament player
1800-2000 An “Expert” player

Regarding this, how does rating system works?

The rating system keeps track of what it knows about each player by constructing a law to describe the player’s playing strength. A law is a probability distribution. The rating system assigns a law to each player. The player’s law describes the rating system’s knowledge of the playing strength of the player.

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