Did Rick Macci play college tennis?

After two years at Wright State University, Rick was ranked as the top under-18 tennis player in Ohio. Macci has received Hall of Fame induction honors for his accomplishments in basketball and tennis in his hometown.

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Just so, who coached Rick Macci?

Macci has coached players such as Karim Alami, Jennifer Capriati, Tommy Ho, Sonia Kenin, Bethani Mattek, Anastaysia Myskina, Mary Pierce, Tina Pisnik, Andy Roddick, Christan Rudd, Maria Sharapova, Vince Spadea, Venus and Serena Williams, and hundreds of other professional tour players around the globe.

Besides, how old is BadKid Macei now? Macei’s age is currently 14 years. However, she will celebrate her 15th birthday on the 1st of November, 2021.

In respect to this, is Mykel still a bad kid?

He is known to be an American by nationality and belongs to the Christianity religion. His real name is Mykel Conder. He completed his early schooling at a local High School in California, United States.

Full Name Bad Kid Mykel
Age 15 Years
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States

How old is BadKid?

Badkid Mark was born on 19 April 2005. Badkid Mark is 16 years old.

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