Who did Rick Macci coach?

Macci has coached players such as Karim Alami, Jennifer Capriati, Tommy Ho, Sonia Kenin, Bethani Mattek, Anastaysia Myskina, Mary Pierce, Tina Pisnik, Andy Roddick, Christan Rudd, Maria Sharapova, Vince Spadea, Venus and Serena Williams, and hundreds of other professional tour players around the globe.

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People also ask, how much is Rick Macci’s academy?

In terms of cost, the Macci Academy does not come cheap. Although not stated on the website, it is likely to cost around $2,000 per week to train there.

Also to know is, what is a tennis academy? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “An academy is an institution of higher learning, research, or honorary membership. … As we can see, the definition of an academy suggests that it provides the highest level of education, or when we talk about a tennis academy, the highest level of tennis coaching.

Besides, who is coaching Venus Williams?

Eric Hechtman

What is the best tennis academy?

Comparison Table – Top 10 Best Tennis Academies in the USA

Academy Location Famous Alumni
#2 – Saddlebrook Tennis Academy Tampa, FL Pete Sampras, John Isner, Jim Courier, Martina Hingis, Alexander Zverev
#1 – IMG Academy Bradenton, FL Sharapova, Nishikori, Agassi, Serena & Venus

Which state is the best for tennis?

Here are the top five states for tennis.

  • Ohio. A state that has been known for high-ranking teams in multiple sports, Ohio residents are no strangers to athletics. …
  • California. …
  • Florida. …
  • Georgia. …
  • Texas.

How much does it cost to go to Rafa Nadal Academy?

You now can, but it will come at a cost. The Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy, which opened last autumn on the Spanish island of Mallorca, is charging kids 56,000 euros ($62,000) a year for tennis lessons and school.

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