5 Best Badminton Strings in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Has it ever happened to you that you train well, achieve precise hand-eye coordination, firmly grip the handle, get into position early, have a good swing, yet mess up with the strike? 

Fortunately or unfortunately, you are not alone!

The jinx can be very depressing even if you are playing a badminton game in your backyard for a hobby, let alone national and international forums. You may console yourself by naming it hard luck, but to your surprise, there is possibly a glitch with the racquet string.

Feeling confused?

Don’t worry! Hang in there because I am here to save your day! Welcome to the ultimate guide for the 5 best badminton strings.

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

ProductThicknessFeelingToday’s Price
Yonex BG800.68mmHardCheck Price
Yonex BG650.70mmSoftCheck Price
Li-Ning No.10.65mmMediumCheck Price
Yonex BG 660.65mmMediumCheck Price
Yonex Aerosonic0.61mmSoftCheck Price

Best Badminton String: Our Picks

Yonex BG80 — Best for precise power hitting.

Yonex BG80 - Best badminton string for precise power hitting.

The undisputed winner of the list is Yonex BG80.

From intermediate to pro, Yonex BG80 is fitting at all levels. It is composed using advanced multifilament matter that provides a sturdy crux and improved tension. 

Do you daydream about hitting the shuttle at a certain spot on the opponent’s court but insufficient power comes in your way?

Not with the Yonex BG80! This string provides a parallel response during the hard-hitting mode. High repulsion coupled with shock-absorbing property makes sure that your shot hits on point.

However, bear in mind that Yonex BG80 is not the best choice for newbies. They need time before they start middling their shots and too much power generation to start with might be overwhelming. Nonetheless, it is a go-to option if you are planning on a replacement string for your racquet.

Yonex BG80 is a little costly in comparison with other options, but the control and power it brings to your racquet are worth every dime.


  • Greater repulsion
  • Improves accuracy
  • Hard feeling
  • A lot of color options to help customize the appearance


  • Lacks durability
  • A bit pricey

Yonex BG65— Soft feeling string for precision hitting

Yonex BG65— Soft feeling badminton string for precision hitting

Are you looking for a string that feels soft as cotton on contact with the shuttle?

If yes, then Yonex BG65 should be your pick. The multifilament body and fiber are right as rain to stimulate a soft feeling. They are suitable for the use of beginners to expert players who love to play precise shots.

With great softness comes great accuracy!

And if you are looking to master the art of shots that just clears the net, then congrats! You have found your match.

Yonex BG65 is best to execute push or a net shot with the freedom of precision. The durability of this string is phenomenal and can win you matches for years without snapping.

However, you may need to tighten up the strings over time as a string with a thickness of 0.70mm is ought to loosen up some tension with every use.


  • Offers great accuracy and control
  • Soft feel
  • Thicker strings improve durability


  • Generate less powerful shots
  • Might need to adjust tension for beginners

Li-Ning No.1 — Most durable badminton string

Li-Ning No.1 — Most durable badminton string

This list would be incomplete without the mention of Li-Ning No.1. As the name says, this string is without a doubt No.1 in durability and strength. It is immune to snapping and is ideal for beginners to develop their game.

The thickness of 0.65mm is a perfect compromise between strength and power. The repulsion is adjustable depending on individual preference. Despite having comparatively thin strings, Li-Ning No.1 can offer a hard and soft feel at the same time depending on the power exerted on the shot.

Not only this string suits many expert players, but even beginners can also start off practicing with it. It will happily bear the hurt of rough usage of newbies.

And yes! You don’t have to worry about the stings getting loose after every game. In simple words, Li-Ning No.1 is a long term solution to your pursuit to find the best badminton string.


  • Extremely durable
  • Offers good bounce and repulsion
  • Comes in a variety of 8 colors


  • Not suitable for power hitting

Yonex BG 66 — Badminton string for aggressive smash hitting

Yonex BG 66 — Best Badminton string for aggressive smash hitting

It is always a pleasure to keep your opponent on backfoot with your powerful smashes. And to have more of such moments, you will need to partner with Yonex BG66.

Once this string arranges itself in your racquet, there is no going back for power-hitters. You will be amazed by the repulsion and power it generates with each shot. Even a well-centered flick can take the opponent by surprise with the speed of the shuttlecock.

Yonex BG 66 is designed very thin to boost the shot but that compromises the strength to some extent. Especially if you are new to the game, you are more likely to play shots from all regions of the net. The string is prone to snap if a powerful strike is made from the corner of the net.

Therefore, it is befitting for intermediate and professional players with a mindset, “Go hard or go home“.


  • Strong rebound generates great power
  • Perfect in playing a slice shot
  • Comes in a range of colors


  • Uncentered shots might result in stings to snap

Yonex Aerosonic — Badminton string for satisfying shots

Yonex Aerosonic — Best badminton string for satisfying shots

Do you love the sound of your shots?

Does it give you an eccentric boost of confidence?

Yonex can hear you thinking out loud! As the famous quote says, “There is no magic in magic, it’s in the details”. Yonex once again took the lead by providing magic in strings.

First and foremost, the sound of the shot tells you how well you centered it. This is very handy for beginners to learn playing shots with the right regions and overcome the mistakes. Similarly, for the professionals, the sound stimulates a sensation with every well-played shot — As if applauding for you.

You may not believe it, but Yonex Aerosonic has the thinnest gauge of all 5 of these products — 0.61mm! Now all you need to do is properly knot these strings and rest assured, they will send the shuttlecock where it came from with twice the speed, if not more.


  • Produces a sweet sound to flex
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Gives the flexibility to play a range of shots


  • Thin strings make it less durable

Best Badminton Strings: What to Consider

Choosing the right string for your racquet is just as important as training for the game. A more common notion is to invest more when finding the racquet, forgetting that the real essence of the racquet is in the strings it employs.

Discrete preferences form a difference in the opinion of every individual- Doubleminding you again!

But the misery is over! All you need is to consider these factors and choose for yourself what suits you the best.

Things to look for when buying the badminton string:

The thickness of the strings

The thickness of the string refers to the diameter of the gauge it uses.

Strings come in a variety of diameters ranging from 0.60mm to 0.70mm. Thinner strings like Yonex Aerosonic offer greater rebound and are preferred by the professionals. On contact with the shuttlecock, the smaller surface area exerts a greater pressure for the same force applied. It offers a wide radius for the sweet spot — a spot at the center of the racquet that generates the most powerful shot.

However, a thin string is more likely to snap or drop in tension over time, fighting powerful impacts.

The feeling of the strings

The feeling of the string refers to the reaction of the string as it comes in contact with the shuttlecock.

A popular misconception is that a hard string will give more power to your shot. The notion not only defies physics laws but also keeps you in a false impression of having the best gadget for power-hitting.

The truth is that strings with a soft feeling string like Yonex BG65  will stretch more, generating a slingshot effect. The greater the pull, the faster the shot! 

On the other hand, hard feeling strings will give more flexibility in playing delicate push shots but can’t bear smashing.

The Material of the strings

Badminton string manufacturers carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders. The technology they imply and the standards they adapt decides the durability, shock absorption ability, and the sound of the string. 

Some companies use multifilament fiber to enhance durability and overall strength while others focus more on clamping the strings tight to retain tension. Ideally, your string should be a blend of both these approaches.

Similarly, the material decides the shock absorption and bounciness of the string. This should be your no.1 concern if you can’t afford strain on your joints and forearm or undergoing an injury. Yonex monitored the problem closely and designed Yonex BG80 to deal with it.

There is more to the story of string material — The sound!

If you are a beginner and looking to find the sweet spot for your shots, then the sound of Yonex Aerosonic can be your on-field coach. The more precise you hit, the sweeter the sound of the shot will be. It helps psychologically to give you a confidence boost with every good shot. 

The durability of the strings

It is not a concern for professional players since they carry extra pairs in their bags. But if you are a beginner, thinner strings are not your best bet. They are prone to snap and lose tension relatively quickly and will work best when the shot is played by the center. You’ll break your strings more regularly and might lose motivation in the hassle and expenditures.

Your ideal combo is a moderately thin string (around 0.65) with a medium feel and slightly low tension. All these conditions overlap with the description of Li-Ning No.1.

Best Badminton Strings: FAQs

Q1: What strings do professional badminton players use?

Yonex BG 66  and Yonex Aerosonic. They prefer strings with a thinner gauge. This gives greater power to their shots with high repulsive features. The durability of strings is not their worry as they use fresh strings for every match.

Q2: How long should badminton strings last?

4 months. However, the lifespan of strings depends on the frequency of play and the level of maintenance. If you are playing 2-3 days every week and keeping a regular check on the tension of the strings, you may need to restring your racquet after 4 months.

Q3: What string tension should I use for badminton?

If you are looking to generate power in your shots and compromise on precision, go for low string tension of 19 to 22 pounds. Higher tension of 25 pounds and above will generate less power and might negatively impact durability as well.

Final Verdict

We have left no stone unturned in our objective to help you find the best badminton string.

You won’t have to make your pick in the dark anymore. You now know what to look for and what are your options.

If you are a beginner, you should be picking between Yonex BG65 and Li-Ning No.1. Whatever you will choose, you’ll surely end up having a great product for which you will thank us later.

Have a question? Leave a comment down below.

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