Top 6 Best Badminton Shoes to buy – Detailed reviews & buying guides

Here is a situation!

You were playing close to the net and your opponent has lofted the shuttlecock for an overhead clear shot. Now you are seeing it sailing over your head, wishing if you had 2 more meters to your racquet handle or superman abilities. 

Whoosh! No time for daydreaming! 

A pair of the best badminton shoes is no less than a superpower. It can give you the agility and flight you need to counter tricky looking shots. Often-times, when badminton makes you sprint on the court from one end to another in a heartbeat or land roughly on your feet, you are prone to get injured. And if you are wearing casual footwear (including joggers), the probability of that magnifies substantially.

So if you take this sport seriously, you need to get your hands on the best badminton shoes at the earliest convenience — which is RIGHT NOW!

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Best Badminton Shoes: Summary

In short, EVERYTHING!!!

  1. Asics GEL-Rocket 7 —  Best Overall
  2. YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3  — Runner up & Lightest
  3. LI-NING SONIC BOOM KNIT —  Runner up & Comfort cushioning
  4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Upcourt  — Best for women
  5. Yonex Comfort Z — Advanced comfort and softness
  6. LI-NING Saga TD — Best for budget

6 Best Badminton Shoes: Our picks

Badminton —  a sport where every second counts and small details cast a huge impact on a player’s performance. 

Unlike party shopping, badminton shoes are much more than style or comfort. They give you a firm grip on the court, intensify movement to save you an extra mile, give you flashing speed and keep you protected against injuries.

Below is the list of the 6 best badminton shoes that we think are the most versatile in terms of comfort, weight, durability, traction, flexibility, ankle support, grippings, sole…

Asics GEL-Rocket 7

Gel cushion comforts for beginners.

Players searching for an all-in-one shoe can now stop their quest: Asics GEL-Rocket 7 will keep your opponent on their toes with the advanced technology of the 7th generation Gel-Rocket line.

The bioengineering is on point with an amazing arch support system, light weightiness, and rubbery external sole that allows you an instant pickup and immediate stop in one solid bang. The synthetic mesh layer ensures an adequate flow of air, handy for long sessions of play.

The highlight of this shoe is the way it embraces your foot in a comfortable internal fit. The midsole is particularly engineered to provide advanced support. It is backed up by rare and front gel cushioning technology with shock-absorbing qualities and a cotton-soft feel. The combo works together to ensure that the court becomes soft as a pillow for your landing.

Despite offering agility for long rough sessions, the surface will not wear out for years. This makes it perfect for beginners who are more likely to play outdoors on sand and mud.


  • Synthetic imported material
  • Trusstic System to give more stability and prevent twisting
  • Gel cushioning technology to absorb shocks and provide comfort


  • They may feel hard on toes in the start until they loosen up after wearing

YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3

Lightweight and improved flexibility.

You can’t keep Yonex out of the game of badminton. This time it comes up with a pair of bolting fast shoes with a feather lightweight. Aerus 3 is an improved version of its predecessors. The seamless look of Aerus 1 and improved durability of Aerus 2 is opted to make up for the previous shortcomings.

The cushion absorbs the shock and utilizes the rebound energy to make you recover fast for the next move. The light weightiness provides ease of movement that comes in handy in the dynamic moves of badminton.

To put a cherry on top, the feather lightweight and phenomenal flexibility do not stop YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3 to be sturdy and durable. This is because of the durable light skin made of high-grade mesh and PU film that wraps up the shoes. Graphite is used under the sole of these shoes to make them robust without adding up much to the overall weight. Such efficient use of resources and technology makes this pair flexible and suitable for all – Be it a beginner or a Pro!


  • As light as 270g.
  • Provides ease of navigation.
  • Comes in a range of color options including white, pink, and blue.


  • Little pricey


Comfort cushioning to absorb the impact and provide rebound.

Wearing LI-NING SONIC BOOM KNIT means that every little move will turn into a notable one. It makes sure that not only do you get a good flight to play smashes, but also rise high in the game. This shoe is a perfect blend of all the qualities you can wish for. 

Are you wondering what gives these shoes such an extraordinary rebound?

Well, apart from the brilliant use of science, these shoes have a thermoplastic stabilizing device installed in the arch of the shoes that link the heel and forefoot to give more power to your arch when you exert pressure on the ground. Air pockets at the heel and cushioning sole at the forefront acts spring to reverse the impact of the landing. The harder the impact, the greater the rebound – Thanks to Newton’s third law of motion.

Moreover, LI-Ning employs another technology on the forefoot to convert the impact energy into repulsive energy as efficiently as possible, hence reserving useful energy. Mono-yarn material makes your shoes more breathable and durable with a touch of leather on the top.

It is an amazing choice for playing badminton on a tough court.


  • Offers an amazing rebound on impact
  • Vibrant colors
  • Provides comfort and stability


  • Not suitable for an uneven playing area

ASICS Women’s Gel-Upcourt

Great traction and maneuverability.

Not only is it embarrassing, but also extremely risky to slip while playing on the court. It can cost you an injury, let alone a precious point. 

But guess what! ASICS heard you thinking out loud. 

They designed the soul of ASICS Women’s Gel-Upcourt with special grooves of a rubbery material that prevents skidding. Not to mention that the lively light colors make it women’s favorite anyway.

Most people consider it to be a simple looking shoe with a thin sole. But as soon as you step into it, you will realize that it’s worth more than each dime- Since it’s very affordable. The pair snuggles into your foot with amazing ventilation and supports quick movements and accelerations.

Great things come in small packages and ASICS Women’s Gel-Upcourt is a perfect example of it.

Just save the colors from dirt and they will twinkle for years alongside your winning trophies.


  • Manufactured with best-imported material
  • Outstanding traction with gum rubber souls
  • Supports quick moves


  • Simple looking
  • The colors are prone to get dirty and needs additional care

Yonex Comfort Z

Provides stability and prevents injuries.

Long hours of playing badminton can result in corns and calluses, ankle sprain, jumper’s knee, and several other strains. Yonex Comfort Z has the best shock-absorbing technology and a cushioning layer that is ideal to prevent you from these injuries and pains.

This shoe works on a Torsion system to provide enhanced stability. The new arc support design is coupled with a midsole made of a power cushion and an upper sole of a double mesh of the highest degree. The power cushion is made of an elastic resin that has gifted shock-absorbing qualities despite being lightweight.

If you are recovering from an injury or are too afraid to have one, Yonex Comfort Z is your match for sure! Scientists recommended it for older people as it supports the ankle by taking away the impact of landing.

It keeps getting better with time. This version provides 25% more shock absorption and 12% more repulsion which is a notable improvement, both in theory and practice. It consists of a gridding pattern with ideal gaps in the bottom sole to prevent skidding injuries.

As the name says for itself,  Yonex Comfort Z is an ultimate provision of comfort and safety.


  • Power cushion technology to provide comfort
  • Shock-absorbing ability to support the ankle and prevent knee pain


  • The light color demands care to keep shining


Remarkable grip at a cheap price.

It is without a doubt the best in terms of style and design. A lot of professional Men players use LI-NING Saga TD for being a perfect all-rounder. The multiflex property allows greater flexibility with many axes joining together. This not only adds comfort and durability to the structure but also gives it its name – The X-Structure.

The X-Structure technology allows players to tighten the heel portion as it suits them on various surfaces. The tip of the shoes is stiff which is good for protection and might take some time to get used to.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Flexible with remarkable grip
  • Cheap in price


  • The stiff tip needs time to stretch and loose.

Best Badminton Shoes: Buyer’s Guide

Have you made it this far reading and still not sure what is best for you?

Don’t worry! It is meant to happen when you have to choose the best of the best. Here are  factors that you should consider before buying the badminton shoes:


The weight of the shoe is of key importance in badminton where you need to make sharp movements in a matter of milliseconds. Each gram can affect your performance and agility. Light shoes make it feasible to jump, maneuver, and save you precious joules of energy. However, keep in mind, that lightweight should not compromise the durability of the shoes. Look for shoes that weigh between 250g to 350g for optimum output.

YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3 weighs 270g with amazing durability and flexibility.


Cushioning in shoes decides the ability to absorb the force of an impact. Various techniques and methods of bioengineering are employed to integrate cushioning in shoes. You need to look for the ones that are most comfortable and advanced. They will most efficiently mitigate the effect of a brutal landing and save you from injuries. Players of any level playing for hours on a regular basis need a soft surface to reduce the pressure and stiffness.

Asics GEL-Rocket 7 is considered the best in the game.


The material of the shoes directly affects their durability, grip, comfort, and breathability. Most of the professional badminton shoes, as mentioned in this list, are made of synthetic imported material which is ideal for its features. But the determinative factor is how different material is used in different parts of the shoes. Is the grip made of a rubbery sole that will not let you skid? Does it have arch support that provides flexibility? Is the skin breathable and durable?

These shooting questions are answered perfectly by the features of the LI-NING SONIC BOOM KNIT.


Traction of shoes is the ability to cling on to the surface without sliding. It is the decisive factor since it decides how good is your acceleration, stop, sharpness, recovery, and cut are. Two factors that determine traction is the material and design of the outside bottom. Gum rubber soles with lattice patterns go hand in hand to provide maximum grip on the smoothest courts even.

LI-NING Saga TD satisfies all these features at a cheap price.

Best Badminton Shoes: FAQs

Q1: What is special about badminton shoes?

Most badminton shoes are engineered to play in indoor courts and can’t bear the roughness of uneven grounds. They can prevent you from injuries, strains, blisters, and meanwhile improves your performance.

Q2: Can running shoes be used for badminton?

No! Running shoes are mainly designed for front and back movements. While making sideways movements (left and right), you are likely to twist your foot or get under an impact of landing. Using running shoes to play badminton is not recommended as it can cause an injury or sprain.

Q3: When should you replace your badminton shoes?

This depends on the frequency of your play and the level of care for the pair. Generally speaking, an average player playing 4 times a week for a couple of hours and giving intermediate care will need to replace them after 8-10 months.

Q4: Are badminton shoes good for walking?

It is not a good idea as badminton shoes are made of rubber outsoles that can get damaged by the roughness of the outside. Moreover, dirt can stick inside the grip gaps and affect grip. And if a stone is stuck, it can damage the court.

Final Verdict

That’s all folks!

Badminton is a game of intricate details. In this guide, we have separated all the features and identified the best pair for them. 

We have taken enough time to compare,

It is time that we have one to wear.

Go ahead and order your favorite pair,

Now that your head is also clear.

Once the package arrives there,

You will also want one in your spare.


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