Why is the AIS significant to Canberra?

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) leads and enables a united and collaborative high performance sport system that supports Australian athletes to achieve international podium success.

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Also question is, what facilities are in the AIS?

Your sports camp can include access to the following AIS facilities:

  • Track and Field Centre. Close. print prev next. …
  • Aquatic Centre. Close. print prev next. …
  • Recovery Centre. Close. …
  • Basketball and Netball Centre. Close. …
  • Volleyball Courts. Close. …
  • FIFA Quality Synthetic Field. Close. …
  • Gymnastics Centre. Close. …
  • Combat Centre. Close.
Regarding this, what sports can you do at the AIS? Enjoy a fun and active visit to the AIS, Australia’s elite sporting precinct. Challenge yourself in Sportex, an educational and engaging sports experience where you can try wheelchair basketball, virtual downhill skiing, rock climbing, football penalty shootouts and more.

Likewise, how has the AIS contributed to the sporting success in Australia?

The AIS has provided $340million in direct grants to Summer Olympic Sports this four-year Olympic cycle, an increase of more than 10 per cent. In addition, we have provided more than $41million in direct grants to some 1100 athletes across Olympic and Paralympic sport.

Who is the AIS funded by?

the Australian Government

Does the AIS still exist?

AIS campus closed to public activity

Due to the ACT lockdown, the AIS Campus is CLOSED to for general public programs and activities provided by the AIS.

How many pools does the AIS have?

Located in the heart of the AIS Campus, the AIS Aquatic & Fitness Centre houses both 50 metre and 25 metre indoor heated pools. The 50 metre pool can be converted into two 25 metre pools through the use of a move-able bulkhead.

How can I join AIS?

Register for AIS

  1. Enter your Singpass.
  2. Select ‘More’ , ‘Register for AIS’.
  3. Select your organisation’s UEN type and enter the tax reference number.
  4. Click ‘Next”.
  5. Complete registration details and click ‘Register’.

What does the AIS pride itself on?

AIS prides itself in being able to deliver qualifications that prepare students for the workforce in the areas of beauty therapies, massage therapies and management. … Their experience of providing beauty and massage treatments, guided by industry professionals, is a fundamental aspect of their development.

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