Why is Sidek serve banned?

On 1st July, the IBF finally deemed it illegal as experts considered it to be violating the double contact rule (the serve was brushing both feathers and the base simultaneously). A motion was brought in again and the S-serve was voted against 91-1.

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Beside above, how many Sidek brothers are there?

five Sidek brothers

Regarding this, what is service Sidek? Known as the ‘S-serve’ (which stands for Sidek-serve, not ‘soft-serve’, ‘kay?), the infamous move caused outrage among the players as when used correctly, it could help a player win a match without breaking a sweat.

Subsequently, how do you do a Sidek serve?

Who created s serve badminton?

The s-service was invented by the Sidek brothers in Malaysia in the late 70s, thus it is also called the Sidek-service.

What is the fastest smash in badminton?

426 km/h

How do you do a backhand smash in badminton?

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