Why do people put tennis balls on walkers?

People put tennis balls on walkers to make them quieter, to protect floors, and to make it easier to push the walker along. There are tennis balls made specifically for walkers. You can cut a tennis ball for a walker using a serrated knife or by putting it in a vice and using a saw, but be careful!

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Similarly, how do you put tennis balls on a walker?

Secondly, are there special tennis balls for walkers? Product details. Easy Comforts Walker Tennis Balls (Set of 4) will help eliminate scuff marks and help improve the walker function. They are pre-cut to fit most model’s legs, which makes them easy to install. It also eliminates the need to cut up ordinary tennis balls.

One may also ask, what can I put on the bottom of a walker?

Walker Coasters are a safer, cleaner alternative to the tennis balls many users place on walkers to help them see the walker’s legs and avoid stumbling or tripping. Where the soft covers of tennis balls tend to grab, especially on rough surfaces such as concrete, Walker Coasters mobility aids glide over surfaces.

Is it safe to put tennis balls on a walker?

Tennis balls, cut open and stuck on the bottom of walkers. … Tennis balls on walkers are unsafe, unsanitary and unattractive. They pick up and track germs, they make the walker unstable, they actually add to the wear and tear on the walker, and they are a disrespect to the person using the walker.”

What are walker balls?

RMS Walker Glide Balls allow walkers to glide easily over floors. They glide smoothly & quietly across most surfaces and make movement easier. Recommended for in-door use. They are more durable and safer than tennis balls. Pre-cut and ready to use.

What is the correct way to use a walker?

How to Use a Walker

  1. Push up from the armrest of the chair or from the bed to a standing position.
  2. Place a firm grip on both sides of the walker with your hands.
  3. Move the walker forward a short distance.
  4. Step forward with your injured or weaker leg first, putting weight on the palms of your hands.

How do you hang tennis balls in a garage?

Can you drill a hole in a tennis ball?

1. Place one tennis ball in a clamp or vise. 2. Use a drill with a large drill bit to drill a hole through the tennis ball (one hole on each side).

How can I make my walker quieter?

Don’t forget glides with your new walker wheels!

I highly recommend the Drive Medical Walker Ski Glides on Amazon. They’re perfect for giving you smoother and quieter movement over carpet, wood and outdoor surfaces too! Just put them on the rear legs of your walker!

How do you cut tennis balls at the bottom of a walker?

How do I stop my walker from scratching the floor?

Walker tennis balls help walkers glide smoothly and protect floors. Walker tennis balls improve the gliding ability of your walker. We precut each ball for quick installation. Tennis balls glide smoothly over hard floor surfaces and carpeting, protecting flooring from getting scratched or worn down.

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