Why Chou Tien Chen have no coach?

It’s not like I am so great that I don’t need a coach or I don’t have anyone to teach me,” he explained, adding that the current arrangement suits him well. “Everybody has something I can learn from… this method works best for me,” Chou said, adding: “God is my coach.”

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Simply so, does chou tien chen have a coach?

The world number four has flourished since parting ways with a full-time coach in 2019, with his physiotherapist Victoria Kao filling the role of mentor, cheerleader and critic.

Beside this, why is Taiwan called Chinese Taipei? In the aftermath of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was established and the nationalist Republic of China (ROC) government retreated to Taiwan. … In 1979, the PRC agreed to participate in IOC activities if the Republic of China was referred to as “Chinese Taipei”.

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