Who won US Open 2018 women’s singles?

Emma Raducanu

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Accordingly, who won the US Open tennis championship in 2018?

Novak Djokovic
Also, who won 2018 Aussie Open?
Roger Federer

Men’s Singles
2018 Australian Open
Champion Roger Federer
Runner-up Marin Čilić
Final score 6–2, 6–7, 6–3, 3–6, 6–1

Beside this, who is the best tennis player 2018?

2018 ATP World Tour

Points leader Novak Djokovic (9,045)
Player of the year Novak Djokovic
Doubles Team of the year Oliver Marach Mate Pavić

Who created tennis?

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield

What happened at US Open with Serena?

“After careful consideration and following the advice of my doctors and medical team, I have decided to withdraw from the US Open to allow my body to heal completely from a torn hamstring,” she wrote on Instagram. …

Who has won the most US Opens tennis?

Roger Federer

Characteristic Number of US Open titles
Roger Federer 5
Pete Sampras 5
John McEnroe 4
Rafael Nadal 4

Who has won the women’s singles US Open Tennis Tournament 2020?

Naomi Osaka

Who won the women’s US Open tennis championship in 2018?

Naomi Osaka

Set 1 2
Naomi Osaka 6 6
Serena Williams 2 4

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