Who won the US Open every year from 1979 to 1981?

It was the 99th edition of the US Open and the third Grand Slam tennis event of the year. The tournament was held from August 28 to September 9, 1979. John McEnroe and Tracy Austin won the singles titles.

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One may also ask, who won the 1988 US Open tennis?

Mats Wilander
Also question is, where was the 1987 US Open played?
San Francisco

Similarly, who has won the most tennis US Opens?

Roger Federer
Characteristic Number of US Open titles
Roger Federer 5
Pete Sampras 5
John McEnroe 4
Rafael Nadal 4

Who has won the most US Opens?

Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus hold the record for the most U.S. Open victories, with four victories each. Anderson holds the record for most consecutive wins with three (1903–05). Hale Irwin is the oldest winner of the U.S. Open: he was 45 years and 15 days old when he won in 1990.

Who won the US Open in 1989?

Boris Becker

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