Who won the Gippsland Trophy 2021?


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Herein, who won Gippsland trophy?

Elise Mertens
Simply so, where is the Gippsland Trophy being played?

2021 Gippsland Trophy
Prize money $447,620
Surface Hard
Location Melbourne, Australia
Venue Melbourne Park

Just so, what is Phillip Island Trophy tournament?

The 2021 Phillip Island Trophy is a tournament on the 2021 WTA Tour, one of six events in the 2021 Melbourne Summer Series. It was played on outdoor hard courts in Melbourne, Australia.

What is the Yarra Valley Trophy?

The Yarra Valley Classic trophy was designed by Wamba Wamba man Ron Murray, and Barty is a worthy recipient considering her own Indigenous heritage. Trophies for Melbourne Summer Series were designed by local Indigenous artists, with each singles champion trophy aligned to a native animal.

Where is the Yarra Valley Classic played?


2021 Yarra Valley Classic
Location Melbourne, Australia
Venue Melbourne Park

Is Phillip Island trophy part of Australian Open?

But the American top seed also failed to get further than the second round in the Phillip Island Trophy, which is being held alongside the Australian Open in Melbourne.

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