Who won the 2017 Badminton Horse Trials?

Kiwi Andrew Nicholson

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In this regard, where can I watch Badminton Horse Trials?

Badminton TV
Considering this, who is the youngest person to win Badminton Horse Trials?
Richard Walker

Consequently, who won Badminton Horse Trials 2018?

Jonelle Price

How can I watch Burghley Horse Trials 2019?

BBC Sport will bring you live coverage from across the Burghley Horse Trials on the BBC Red Button, BBC Sport website & app as well as on Connected TV. You can also catch-up on all of the action on the BBC iPlayer.

How many horses died at Badminton?

two horses

How do you qualify for Badminton Horse Trials?

In order to qualify you must finish in the top 10% of a BE 90 or 20% of a BE 100 for a place in the regional finals which are held in the Autumn. At the regionals riders must finish in the top 20% to qualify for Badminton. Visit the Badminton Horse Trials website to see full details of the competition.

How much does Badminton Horse Trials cost?

Event details

Event Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials
Date 1st – 5th May 2019
Category Class CCI5* -L
Entry Fee £438.97
Double Entry Fee £90

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