Who won the 2016 Rio Olympics badminton?

The seeding was decided on 21 July 2016. The event was won by then two-time reigning world champion Carolina Marín of Spain who defeated P. V. Sindhu of India. Nozomi Okuhara of Japan won the bronze medal after China’s Li Xuerui was forced to withdraw.

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Simply so, who won the gold metal in the 2016 Rio Olympics for badminton male and female singles?


Event Gold
Men’s singles Chen Long China
Men’s doubles China (CHN) Fu Haifeng Zhang Nan
Women’s singles Carolina Marín Spain
Women’s doubles Japan (JPN) Misaki Matsutomo Ayaka Takahashi
Hereof, who won the 2016 Olympic gold medal in men’s single for badminton what country was he from?

Badminton Men’s Singles Medals
Bronze Denmark
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