Who won the 2016 Olympics for table tennis?

Ma Long

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Moreover, who won the 2016 Women’s Rio Olympics?

United States
Team Gold Silver
United States 39 41
China 38 32
ROC 20 28
Great Britain 22 21
One may also ask, in which country does the sport of table tennis originate?

Also question is, which team took the gold for women’s football at the last games?


Tournament details
Dates 3–19 August
Teams 12 (from 6 confederations)
Venue(s) 7 (in 6 host cities)
Final positions

Why is cricket not included in Olympics?

Cricket’s road to its Olympic debut was eventful. Originally slated to be included in the inaugural modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, it was scrapped due to a lack of participants. … It was planned that Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Belgium would all enter cricket teams into the tournament.

Which British cyclist took home 3 gold medals in 2016?

In cycling, male cyclist Jason Kenny became only the second British athlete since 1908 to win three gold medals at the same Olympic Games to join Sir Chris Hoy as the most successful all time British Olympians with six gold medals and a silver, while gold for Sir Bradley Wiggins confirmed him as the most decorated …

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