Who won the 2016 men’s French Open?

Novak Djokovic

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Secondly, who won the French Open in 2015 and 2016?

Beside this, who beat Nadal in French Open 2015?

In this regard, who won 2016 Women’s French Open?

Garbiñe Muguruza

Has Djokovic beaten Nadal on clay?

Djokovic is the only player to have defeated Nadal in four clay-court finals, the only player to defeat Nadal at the French Open in straight sets, the only player to defeat Nadal twice at the French Open, and the only player to defeat Nadal in seven consecutive finals.

Who won the women’s French Open 2015?

Serena Williams

Who won Roland Garros in 2015?

Stan Wawrinka

2015 French Open
Edition 119th
Category Grand Slam tournament (ITF)
Draw 128S/64D/32X
Prize money €28,028,600

Who won Roland Garros 2017?

Rafael Nadal

Men’s Singles
2017 French Open
Champion Rafael Nadal
Runner-up Stan Wawrinka
Final score 6–2, 6–3, 6–1

Who has beaten Djokovic the most?

These 17 Grand Slam matches are the most ever contested between two players along with Nadal-Djokovic. Five of them were finals plus a record 11 semifinals. To date, Djokovic is the only man to have beaten Federer in all four majors and likewise Federer is the only player to defeat Djokovic in all four of them.

How many times Nadal lost in French Open?

A very limited number of tennis players managed to defeat Nadal on Parisian red clay since his first appearance at the Roland Garros in 2005. As a result, only two players are responsible for his three defeats in 16-year old history at the French Open.

Has Novak Djokovic beaten Nadal at the French Open?

French Open 2021 – Novak Djokovic outlasts Rafael Nadal, the king of clay, in semifinal classic. PARIS — On the sun-scorched clay courts of Roland Garros on Friday, Novak Djokovic did something only he and one other man, Robin Soderling, had ever done before: He beat Rafael Nadal.

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