Who won the 2011 Tennis U.S. Open?

Novak Djokovic

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Furthermore, who won the women’s U.S. Open in 2011?

Samantha Stosur
Also know, who won 2010 men’s U.S. Open tennis?
Rafael Nadal

Also to know is, how many times has Federer beat Djokovic?

The Djokovic–Federer rivalry is a modern-day tennis rivalry between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. They have played 50 matches between 2006 and 2020, with Djokovic leading head-to-head

Tournament Djokovic Federer
Year-end championship 5 6

Who won men’s Wimbledon in 2011?

Novak Djokovic

Who won Australian Open 2011?

Novak Djokovic

Why is Ash Barty not at US Open?

Ashleigh Barty, the world No 1 and defending Wimbledon champion, is out of the US Open after a 6-2, 1-6, 7-6 (5) defeat to unseeded Shelby Rogers of the United States in the third round.

What year did Stosur win the US Open?


Who won 2009 US Open tennis?

Juan Martín del Potro

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