Who won the 2005 US Open men’s championship?

Roger Federer

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Furthermore, who won the 2006 US Open tennis?

Roger Federer
Men’s Singles
2006 US Open
Champion Roger Federer
Runner-up Andy Roddick
Final score 6–2, 4–6, 7–5, 6–1
Hereof, who did Federer beat in 2004? He went on to win his second Wimbledon crown over Andy Roddick, 4–6, 7–5, 7–6(3), 6–4. In addition, Federer defeated the 2001 US Open Champion
Wimbledon W
US Open W
Other tournaments
Tour Finals W

Correspondingly, who won the U.S. Open in 2004?

AP Joachim Johansson of Sweden celebrates his 6-4, 6-4, 3-6, 2-6, 6-4 victory over Andy Roddick of the United States at the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York, Sept. 9, 2004.

Who won the 2005 Australian Open?

Marat Safin
Men’s Singles
2005 Australian Open
Champion Marat Safin
Runner-up Lleyton Hewitt
Final score 1–6, 6–3, 6–4, 6–4

Has anyone won all 4 Grand Slams a year?

Calendar Year Golden Slam

The Golden Slam, or Golden Grand Slam, is a term created in 1988 when Steffi Graf won all four Grand Slam tournaments and the gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics in the same calendar year.

What are the 5 majors in tennis?

The Grand Slam itinerary consists of the Australian Open in mid January, the French Open (also known as Roland Garros) from around late May to early June, Wimbledon in June–July, and the US Open in August–September. Each tournament is played over a two-week period.

Who has won a Golden Slam?

What is the Golden Slam? Steffi Graf is the only player to win the Golden Slam. She did so in 1988 when she added gold at the Seoul Olympics to her trophy case, alongside the four tennis majors that year.

Who is the winner of the US Open 2019 men’s title?

Rafael Nadal

Did Roddick beat Federer?

The Federer–Roddick rivalry was a tennis rivalry between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. The two met 24 times in official Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) matches, and Federer led 21–3. … Roddick has lost four Grand Slam finals (Wimbledon in 2004, 2005, and 2009, and the US Open in 2006), all to Federer.

How long is the longest tennis match ever played?

11 hours and 5 minutes

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