Who won premier badminton 2020?

Bengaluru Raptors
Tournament details
Champions Bengaluru Raptors
Runners Up Northeastern Warriors
Semi Finalists Chennai Superstarz, Pune 7 Aces
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In this way, what happened Indian badminton League?

The sixth season of the Premier Badminton League (PBL) has been postponed to 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Held in India, the PBL is one of the biggest and most lucrative franchise-based badminton leagues in the world.

Just so, which PBL team retained PV Sindhu for the maximum possible amount of 77 lakhs?
the Hyderabad Hunters

Also question is, what is the history of badminton?

The roots of the sport can be traced to ancient Greece, China, and India, and it is closely related to the old children’s game battledore and shuttlecock. Badminton is derived directly from poona, which was played by British army officers stationed in India in the 1860s.

What city is the home of the badminton championship games?

Location of the World Championships

The most recent games were held in Basel.

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