Who won Monte Carlo in 2020?

Dan Evans

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Also know, what tennis tournament is in Monaco?

Monte-Carlo Masters
Also question is, how many points is Monte-Carlo Open? Points
Event W F
Men’s Singles 1,000 600
Men’s Doubles

Likewise, people ask, how many ATP points is a Monte-Carlo?

With these rules, a player playing and winning the mandatory 4 Grand Slams and 8 ATP Masters 1000 events, a further 5 ATP 500 events and the Monte-Carlo Masters 1000 can amass a total of 19,500 points before the ATP Finals and end the calendar year with a maximum of 21,000 points.

Is Federer playing in Monte Carlo 2021?

Missing from the Monte Carlo line-up is Roger Federer who last played in the Principality in 2016 and has never won the tournament. … The 2020 Monte Carlo Masters was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic while this year’s event will be behind closed doors.

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