Who owns Joma?

Fructuoso López

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In this regard, what country is Joma?


Furthermore, is Joma a good brand? Joma, the Spanish sports brand has been rated as the third most important brand in world football with 26 professional clubs wearing the distinctive logo in the top 20 leagues.

Likewise, who do Joma make kits for?

Other professional soccer teams around the world sponsored by Joma Sport are: Villarreal CF (Spain), CD Leganes (Spain), Getafe CF (Spain), SD Eibar (Spain), Toulouse FC (France), Le Havre AC (France), Swansea CIty AFC (Wales), Torino FC (Italy), Atalanta BC (Italy), Cruz Azul FC (Mexico), TSG Hoffenheim (Germany), RSC …

Is Joma tech Japanese?

2. Joma Tech. … Joma is originally from Canada and moved to Silicon Valley for tech.

What is Joma Honduras?

‘The Honduras national football team represents the country in international football championships. It was founded in 1921 and is known as ”The H”. Some of its most notable appearances include the 1982, 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Who is Jonathan Ma?

Jonathan Ma is not your typical YouTuber. The Quebec native turned young Silicon Valley professional worked at LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft and BuzzFeed before stepping away from big tech to pursue YouTube full time.

Who is Jomatech?

Joma Tech is a professional engineer who shares his stories and experience of Silicon Valley, big tech companies, data science, and software engineering on YouTube. With over 600k subscribers and 37,326,907 views, Joma has successfully built a following of tech (and non-tech) students and professionals alike.

Who does Joma tech work for?


How do Joma soccer shoes fit?

The Total Fit really does provide a near custom fit, something that is rare for a soccer shoe. As far as sizing goes, the Total Fit, as well as most Jomas in general, seems to fit half a size large, so I would recommend going down half a size.

Where are Errea football kits made?

Background. Established in 1988, Erreà’s world headquarters are in San Polo di Torrile, just outside Parma.

What teams do Umbro sponsor?

Umbro Clubs

  • West Ham United.
  • Werder Bremen.
  • FC Schalke 04.
  • Derby County FC.
  • Brentford FC.
  • Hearts FC.
  • AFC Bournemouth.
  • Hull City.

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