Who is the youngest Arjuna Award winner?

A computer engineer, Surekha is the youngest recipient of the Arjuna Award now and has now won six (4 silver, 2 bronze) world championships medals in her bag.

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Also to know is, what for Arjuna awards are given?

The Arjuna Award, officially known as Arjuna Awards

Arjuna Award
Civilian award for outstanding contributions to Sports (Individual/Team)
Awarded for Sports honour in India
Sponsored by Government of India
Reward(s) ₹15,00,000
Keeping this in consideration, who got Arjun award in sports? ARJUNA AWARDEES
90 Shri. Neeraj Chopra 2018
91 Shri. Jinson Johnson 2018
92 Shri. Tajinder Pal Singh Toor 2019
93 Shri. Mohammed Anas Yahiya 2019

Simply so, who got Arjun award in 2020?

Ms Divya Kakran won Arjun Award 2020 for Wrestling and Shri Rahul Aware won the same award in the men category.

Who is the first woman win Arjuna Award?

Stephie D’Souza

What is the prize money of Arjuna Award?

The cash reward for the Arjuna award has been enhanced to ₹15 lakh from ₹5 lakh, the Dhronacharya (Lifetime) awardees, who were earlier given ₹5 lakh, are now being given ₹15 lakh.

Who is the first Arjuna Award in kabaddi?

Shri S. M. Shetty

1972 Shri S. M. Shetty
1983 Km. Maya Kashinath
1986 Km. Rama Sarkar
1990 Shri Hardeep Singh
1994 Shri Ashok D. Shinde

Who is not a recipient of Arjuna award?

The correct answer is Dara Singh. Dara Singh was an Indian professional wrestler. He was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 1996. He has not received Arjuna award.

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