Who is the most famous Chinese tennis player?

Li Na (1982 – )

With an HPI of 58.00, Li Na is the most famous Chinese Tennis Player. Her biography has been translated into 62 different languages on wikipedia. Li Na (born 26 February 1982) is a Chinese former professional tennis player. She achieved a career-high WTA ranking of world No.

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Beside this, is it Li Na or Na Li?

Therefore, Li is the family name, Na is the given name. There is another peculiarity: if you meet the Chinese tennis star in the street, it would be perfectly natural to call her “Li Na”. A correct way of formal addressing would be Ms. Li.

People also ask, what does Lina do now? Relaxed, smiling, soft-spoken, Li is evidently enjoying retirement and raising a family – her daughter Alisa is four and her son Sapajou is three – with her husband and former coach and sparring partner Dennis Jiang Shan. Family is number one for her these days, but tennis is not trailing far behind either.

Furthermore, is tennis big in China?

Tennis in China is a rapidly growing sport that has received much private and public support, and has today become firmly entrenched in the Chinese as one of the most popular. Tennis is now the third-most popular sport on television in China, behind Association football and basketball.

Is Chinese tennis good?

China has way more table tennis players than any other country. This much is clear when you consider China’s unmatched population of 1.4 billion and how extremely popular the sport is there. … A reported 10 million Chinese play competitive ping-pong regularly, with some 300 million who play on occasion.

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