Who is the most famous Australian tennis player?

Rod Laver (1938 – )

With an HPI of 72.57, Rod Laver is the most famous Australian Tennis Player. His biography has been translated into 50 different languages on wikipedia.

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One may also ask, who are the top Australian male tennis players?


1 Alex de Minaur
2 James Duckworth
3 Alexei Popyrin
4 Jordan Thompson
5 John Millman
Simply so, why is Rod Laver so famous? Rod Laver, byname of Rodney George Laver, (born August 9, 1938, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia), Australian tennis player, the second male player in the history of the game (after Don Budge in 1938) to win the four major singles championships—Australian, French, British (Wimbledon), and U.S.—in one year (1962) and …

Similarly, who is the number 1 Australian tennis player?

Ashleigh Barty
1 Ashleigh Barty
5 Maddison Inglis
6 Arina Rodionova
7 Lizette Cabrera
8 Seone Mendez

Who is the No 1 male tennis player in 2020?

Novak Djokovic
Characteristic World ranking points
Nadal, Rafael (ESP) 9,850

What is the ranking of tennis players?

Player Results

Ranking Player Points
8 Dominic. Thiem (AUT) 4,495
28 Age Next Best 20 Tourn Played Move Points Dropping
9 Roger. Federer (SUI) 3,765
40 Age Next Best 13 Tourn Played Move Points Dropping

Does Jelena Dokic have a partner?

In an interview after her first-round win at the Australian Open, Dokic said that she still has no contact with her father, but is building relationships again with her mother and younger brother, and that she has been dating her boyfriend, Tin Bikić, for five years.

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