Who is the most beautiful female badminton player?

Top 5 hottest female badminton players

  • Sports Desk- The badminton sport is beautiful to watch. badminton is played around the world. …
  • Jwala Gutta (India) Jwala Gutta is an Indian badminton player. …
  • Gronya Somerville (Australia) …
  • Ashwini Ponnappa (India) …
  • Gabby Adcock (Great Britain) …
  • Goh Liu Ying (Malaysian)

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In this way, how tall are female badminton players?

On average, the men tend to be between 5 foot 6 inches – 6 foot and the females between 5 foot 3 inches – 5 foot 7 inches. The top 8 Males Singles Players in the world 2019 all vary in height. Does height matter given the talent on display here?

Also to know is, who is the best female badminton? PV Sindhu, the Rio 2016 silver and Tokyo 2020 bronze medallist, has a career-best ranking of world No. 2 in women’s singles. Saina Nehwal is the first Indian badminton player to become world No. 1.

Additionally, who is the famous girl in badminton?


Saina Nehwal
Current ranking 19 (23 March 2021)

Can I play badminton if im short?

Simply put, no you don’t have to be tall to play Badminton. Anybody can play Badminton. That’s the beauty of the sport, it’s accessible to everyone. It can be an advantage in some scenarios which is a different question.

What height is best for badminton?

The average height favoured by badminton seems to be in the range between 5-8” and 6. Three of the contemporary greats – Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei and Taufik Hidayat, appear to be between 5-8” and 5-10”. Peter Gade is a shade taller, probably around 6.

Is height good for badminton?

Shorter Player’s Weaknesses

When the shuttle is lifted right to the back of the court, a taller player’s smash or jump smash will have a steeper angle than a shorter player! But height is never a problem in badminton. There are some very successful world class players that are not tall. They CAN SMASH WITH POWER TOO!

Who is World No 1 badminton?


4 TPE CHOU Tien Chen

Who is the God of badminton?

Is Lin Dan on the decline or is it the start of something new? Born in Fujiyan China, Lin Dan (or Super Dan as his fans appropriately call him), is considered as the greatest of all players to have ever played the game of badminton.

Who is the queen of badminton?

Saina Nehwal

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