Who is the famous tennis player in Serbia?

1. Novak Djokovic (1987 – ) With an HPI of 73.39, Novak Djokovic is the most famous Serbian Tennis Player.

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Considering this, who is the most beautiful tennis player?


  • ANNA KOURNIKOVA. Country: Russia. …
  • ANA IVANOVIC. Country: Serbia. …
  • LAURA ROBSON. Country: Great Britain. …
  • MARIA KIRILENKO. Country: Russia. …
  • Country: Argentina. Highest ranking: No. …
  • MARIA SHARAPOVA. Country: Russia. …
  • Country: Romania. Highest ranking: No.
Hereof, what happened to tennis player Ana Ivanovic? In 2015, Ivanovic made it to the semifinals of a major for the first time in seven years at the French Open. In late December 2016, she announced her retirement, citing being no longer able to perform to a high standard as a major factor.

Keeping this in view, who has beaten Djokovic the most?

These 17 Grand Slam matches are the most ever contested between two players along with Nadal-Djokovic. Five of them were finals plus a record 11 semifinals. To date, Djokovic is the only man to have beaten Federer in all four majors and likewise Federer is the only player to defeat Djokovic in all four of them.

Has anyone won all 4 Grand Slams a year?

Calendar Year Golden Slam

The Golden Slam, or Golden Grand Slam, is a term created in 1988 when Steffi Graf won all four Grand Slam tournaments and the gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics in the same calendar year.

Who is better Nadal Djokovic or Federer?

The 39-year-old Federer leads the three in career ATP Tour singles titles with a second-best-ever 103, ahead of the 35-year-old Nadal (88) and the 34-year-old Djokovic (83), and in total match wins (1,243 to Nadal’s 1,027 and Djokovic’s 960 through Friday). … Djokovic has the advantage with his current ranking (No.

Who is better Federer or Nadal?

The Federer–Nadal rivalry is a modern-day tennis rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Considered one of the greatest-ever tennis rivalries, Federer and Nadal have played each other 40 times, with Nadal leading the overall head-to-head 24–16 and in finals 14–10.

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