Who is the current world champion of badminton?

Men’s singles

Year Host City Gold
2015 Jakarta Chen Long
2017 Glasgow Viktor Axelsen
2018 Nanjing Kento Momota
2019 Basel Kento Momota

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Also know, who is the No 1 player in badminton?

Japan’s Kento Momota has retained the top spot, with 109118 point. Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen found himself in the second position, while his compatriot Anders Antonsen is ranked 3rd.

Similarly, who is the famous badminton champion? She won the junior badminton championship in 2004 and later again in 2005.
Born 17 March 1990
Current Rankings 20 (2021)

In this manner, what is the badminton championship called?

BWF World Championships

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