Who is the current table tennis world champion?

The current champion is Andrew Baggaley, who beat Alexander Flemming in the 2020 final to beat Maxim Shmyrev’s record of winning three championships, and become the record-breaking four-time champion.

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Thereof, who has won the most table tennis world championships?

Subsequently, which country will host the World Table Tennis Championship recently? Championships
Edition Year Host
54 2017 Düsseldorf, Germany
54 2018 Halmstad, Sweden
55 2019 Budapest, Hungary
2020 Busan, South Korea

In this manner, who is the No 1 table tennis player?

Template:Current ITTF Men’s World Ranking

ITTF Men’s World Ranking, as of 31 August 2021
# Player Points
1 Fan Zhendong ( CHN ) 13,232
2 Ma long ( CHN ) 12,212
3 Xu Xin ( CHN ) 10,356

Who is the father of table tennis?

Ivor Montagu

Where was the first World table tennis Championship held?


When was the 21 point scoring system changed to the 11 point scoring system in table tennis?


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