Who is the best Wii player?

Matt is the only CPU Mii to be the Champion of more than one sport, and the only one to be a Champion in both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

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Also know, what’s the highest score on Wii tennis?

It’s quite possible that 2399 is actually the highest skill level in the game, not the second-highest. Regardless, the important point here is that a semi-plausible claim to a 2400-point skill level existed on the Web shortly after the game’s release.

Beside this, who is the champion of Wii tennis? Elisa and Sarah as the Tennis Champions. Barbara as the Champion in Wii Sports Club Tennis.

Just so, who is the best table tennis player in the world?

Men’s Singles

# Player Points
1 Fan Zhendong 12494
2 Ma Long 12212
3 Xu Xin 10356
4 Tomokazu Harimoto 8709

What is the highest level you can get on Wii Sports?

In Wii Sports, the maximum confirmed skill level you can achieve without hacks is 2399.

Who is the most powerful Mii?

The latest record, currently held by YouTuber Silver, clocks in at 27.10 on the original Wii Mii Maker.

Why is Wii Sports so good?

Like the Wii, it focused on one thing: reaching people who had not played video games before. Wii Sports single-handedly drove the success of the motion-control trend while expanding the game industry’s demographic reach. But more importantly, it set the trajectory for how the industry would approach accessibility.

What is the highest skill level in Wii bowling?


What happens when you become Pro in Wii Tennis?

Pro Tennis or Boxing

Get to pro status (1000 points) in Tennis or Boxing, and you’ll get a bigger audience with all the Mii’s you’ve created in it!

Why is there no Wii Sports Resort?

The appearance of a Tennis Court in Wii Sports Resort could lead to the possibility that Nintendo thought on adding Tennis to the game, but it ended up getting scrapped in the end.

Who is the best Mii in Wii Sports?

Maria is one of the best Miis in Wii Sports, showing some of the best skills. She is a top pro in Tennis, being the 4th best player at the 1800 or 1900 mark.

What do you get for being a pro in Wii tennis?

If you are a pro in Wii Tennis, your audience will be bigger, and have more of your Miis. You will have a silver tennis racket.

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