Who is the best English badminton player?

1. Gail Emms (1977 – ) With an HPI of 34.86, Gail Emms is the most famous British Badminton Player.

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Simply so, who are the top 3 badminton players?

BWF World Rankings

4 TPE CHOU Tien Chen
Similarly one may ask, who is the most beautiful badminton player? Top 5 hottest female badminton players
  • Sports Desk- The badminton sport is beautiful to watch. badminton is played around the world. …
  • Jwala Gutta (India) Jwala Gutta is an Indian badminton player. …
  • Gronya Somerville (Australia) …
  • Ashwini Ponnappa (India) …
  • Gabby Adcock (Great Britain) …
  • Goh Liu Ying (Malaysian)

Accordingly, who is the female badminton player?

Carolina Marin (Spain)

Marin is a badminton prodigy. At age 28, she has already achieved all the major titles in her sport and is an icon in her home country. The Spaniard announced herself at the 2009 European Junior Championships, when she clinched the Silver medal in the girls’ singles event at 16 years of age.

What is the old name of badminton in India?

Badminton originated in India as a game called ‘Poona’ The modern version of Badminton is said to have its origins in the city of Pune in India and was initially called ‘Poona’. British Army officers posted there were the first pioneers of the game who took it to Europe.

Who is badminton player?

List of Top 10 Famous Indian Badminton Players

Famous Indian Badminton Players Awards and Achievements: Famous Badminton players of India
Saina Nehwal Arjuna Award (2009) CNN-IBN Sportsperson of the year (2009) Padma Shri (2010) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award Padma Bhushan (2016)

Who is known as father of badminton?

Nandu Natekar was a true artist of his art (Badminton). Natekar first represented India in 1953 at the age of 20. He is referred as the father of Indian Badminton and was the first Indian badminton player to get an international medal for the nation.

Who is world’s number 1 badminton player?

Saina Nehwal

Which country is number 1 in badminton?


BWF World Rankings (Men’s singles) as of 3 August 2021
# Country Players
1 Japan Kento Momota
2 Denmark Viktor Axelsen
3 Denmark Anders Antonsen

How tall are female badminton players?

On average, the men tend to be between 5 foot 6 inches – 6 foot and the females between 5 foot 3 inches – 5 foot 7 inches. The top 8 Males Singles Players in the world 2019 all vary in height. Does height matter given the talent on display here?

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