Who is playing in St Petersburg tennis?

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  • DaniilMedvedev.
  • AndreyRublev.
  • KarenKhachanov.
  • DenisShapovalov.
  • StanWawrinka.
  • MilosRaonic.
  • BornaCoric.
  • TaylorFritz.

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Besides, what surface is St Petersburg tennis?

hard court surface

Also question is, who won St Petersburg? Welch was the overall winner with 21,812 votes or 39.41%. Blackmon finished second with 15,638 votes or 28.25%. In total, 55,346 votes were cast to decide who would fill Rick Kriseman’s seat for the first time in eight years.

Just so, are there any tennis tournaments in Russia?

The Kremlin Cup (Russian: Кубок Кремля) is a professional tennis tournament played on indoor hard courts. It is currently part of the ATP Tour 250 series of the ATP Tour and is a Premier Tournament on the WTA Tour. It was held annually at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia, from 1990 to 2018.

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