Who is JJ Wolf father?

His sister Danielle also played tennis at Ohio State, while his mother Brooke did so at Miami University and father Jeff competed professionally in the early 90s.

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Similarly, when did JJ Wolf start playing tennis?

Likewise, people ask, who are JJ Wolf’s parents? A member of the extremely talented and decorated Wolf athletic family of basketball, tennis and volleyball players, his father Jeff is in the Rollins College Hall of Fame. His mother Brooke was All-Mid-American Conference in tennis at Miami University and sister, Danielle, is an Ohio State women’s tennis sophomore.

Considering this, where does JJ Wolf train?

“JJ Wolf’s got top-25 potential,” Tucker said. Wolf, who wore a Blue Jackets jersey to his postmatch press conference, still lives in Columbus, where he trains with his coach, David Kass.

How old is Wolf US Open?

He was an NCAA All-American at Oklahoma State University, and won the 2019 NCAA Division I individual championship. Wolff picked up his first win on the PGA Tour at the 2019 3M Open.

Matthew Wolff
Personal information
Born April 14, 1999 Simi Valley, California
Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Nationality United States

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