Who is Jan Michael Gambill married to?

Malek Alqadi

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Keeping this in view, what seed is struff?

Wimbledon 2021: Second seed Daniil Medvedev beats Jan-Lennard Struff in four sets. World number two Daniil Medvedev won in four sets in his opening match against German Jan-Lennard Struff at Wimbledon.

Accordingly, what is struff ranked? Jan-Lennard Struff
Career record 157–185 (45.9% in ATP Tour events)
Career titles 0
Highest ranking No. 29 (31 August 2020)
Current ranking No. 55 (13 September 2021)

Also to know is, why was 1973 Wimbledon boycotted?

The recently formed men’s players union, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), stated that none should compete if Pilić were not allowed to compete. As a result, 81 of the top players, including reigning champion Stan Smith, boycotted Wimbledon in 1973 to protest the suspension of Nikola Pilić.

Who did Jan Kodes beat at Wimbledon?

Alex Metreveli

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