Who is Dona Jo?

Dona Jo is Rapha’s grandmother’s nickname. She is the perfect representation of everything the womens active wear brand should be; strong, influential, fashionable, healthy and active – the Dona Jo brand was born.

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Considering this, is Dona Jo a good brand?

Top reviews from the United States

5.0 out of 5 stars Best skorts ever! I love these skorts! This is my second pair of Dona Jo skorts and they are just as awesome as the first pair. The fit is perfect, the colors vibrant, and they are attractive enough you can wear out (and get tons of compliments)!

Also know, is Dona Jo an American company? Whether you have just discovered Dona Jo, or you are familiar with the company but want to know more, I’m here to shed some light into our Brazilian-inspired company. Of course, if you’ve read the About Us page then you have gained some insight into how Ashley and Rapha started the business.

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