Who is coaching Kenin?

American world No. 4 Sofia Kenin is dating her coach Max Wenders, as we can conclude from the WTA player’s latest Instagram stories. The 22-year-old Kenin posted a photo of herself hugging her coach as he was lying on her chest while they were riding in the backseat of a car.

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Also question is, why did Kenin split with her dad as coach?

I had great success with my dad, and I felt like now was the time for me to do what I wanted to do myself in terms of my tennis, my career. That’s why I decided that I had to part ways with my dad, it’s not like in the future we’re not going to get back.

Also, does Kenin have a new coach? Sofia Kenin joins hands with new coach

Her father, Alex Kenin, had played his part in the success of her career so far. The 2020 Australian Open champion has joined hands with a new coach in Miami, whose name is still unknown. She will be working with them until the end of this month for the US Open.

Moreover, did Sofia Kenin change coaches?

Sofia Kenin no longer will be coached by her father, announcing just weeks before the French Open she is “putting together a new technical team.” Kenin, the Australian Open champion and French Open runner-up in 2020, wrote about the switch on Instagram.

How old is Anya kenin?

ofia Anna Kenin is 22 years old.

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