Who has the best one handed backhand in tennis?

Roger Federer

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Just so, which backhand is better in tennis?

Finally, since backhand volley are hit with one hand, people who hit a one-handed backhand tend to have better feel and fluidity with them. Two-handed backhand: The reason most tennis coaches teach young players the two-handed backhand is because the second hand gives more stability and power to your shot.

Correspondingly, who has the fastest backhand in tennis? The leading five players in the data set are listed below.

  • Nikoloz Basilashvili = 71.2 mph.
  • John Millman = 70.2 mph.
  • Rafael Nadal = 69.8 mph.
  • Ugo Humbert = 69.2 mph.
  • Jannik Sinner = 69.1 mph.

Likewise, people ask, who has the best backhand in tennis 2020?


Who has best forehand in tennis?


  • Roger Federer.
  • Rafael Nadal.
  • Juan Martín del Potro.
  • Fernando Verdasco.
  • Kyle Edmund.

Who has the most aces in tennis?

Ivo Karlovic

How good is Federer’s backhand?

A backhand consists of the standard flat backhand baseline groundstroke, a topspin equivalent, a slice, a lob, a drive volley, a drop volley, a slice drop volley, and a smash. And it is pretty clear that in the variants other than the flat groundstroke, Federer’s backhand is superior to that of most players on tour.

Is single or double backhand better?

The two-handed backhand may be a less destructive shot than the one-hander, but it is also more reliable: the extra hand on the racket means it is easier to handle incoming pace and spin, and to swing the racket along a predictable path. … By contrast, the single-hander is a shot for gamblers and swashbucklers.

Why do tennis players use two hands?

Two hands on both sides limits your reach, and makes it tougher to hit a very heavy ball. There’s also peer pressure, with 99 percent of players doing something one way. As a result, the pro game has begun to look like a tennis factory, churning out players with identical strokes and game plans.

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