Which tennis player has best serve?

Dr’ Ivo Karlovic

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Also know, who has the hardest serve in tennis?

Sam Groth
Rank Player Speed
1 Sam Groth 263.0 km/h (163.4 mph)
2 Albano Olivetti 257.5 km/h (160.0 mph)
3 John Isner 253.0 km/h (157.2 mph)
4 Ivo Karlović 251.0 km/h (156.0 mph)
Then, how do you get more spin in tennis serve?

Considering this, who is the most unorthodox tennis player?

This Friday, we pay homage to the Queen of Quirk with our top 10 list of the most unconventional tennis players on tour today.

  • Monica Niculescu. The Romanian looks like a fairly typical pro when she plays her backhand. …
  • Benoit Paire. …
  • Radek Stepanek. …
  • Agnieszka Radwanska. …
  • Dustin Brown. …
  • 3. Bernard Tomic. …
  • Marion Bartoli.

Who has best forehand in tennis?


  • Roger Federer.
  • Rafael Nadal.
  • Juan Martín del Potro.
  • Fernando Verdasco.
  • Kyle Edmund.

Who has the fastest tennis serve ever?

Sam Groth

Who is the best tennis player 2020?


Ranking Player Points
1 Novak. Djokovic (SRB) 11,633
34 Age Next Best 17 Tourn Played Move Points Dropping
2 Daniil. Medvedev (RUS) 10,575
25 Age Next Best 26 Tourn Played Move Points Dropping

What is Federer’s fastest serve?

230 km/h

Player Roger Federer
Fastest serve speed 230 km/h (143 mph)
Height 6’1″ (185 cm)
Highest rank 1
Age when serve hit 29

Who has most aces in tennis?

Ivo Karlović

Why is tennis serve so hard?

How do you hit a hard flat serve in tennis?

How do you hit topspin serve?

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