Which tennis ball is best for cricket?

Nivia Cricket Tennis Ball

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Additionally, what is the price of Cosco ball?

Cosco Light Weight Cricket Ball, Pack of 6 (Yellow)

M.R.P.: ₹432.00
Price: ₹269.00
You Save: ₹163.00 (38%)
Inclusive of all taxes
Similarly one may ask, which is the best tennis ball in India?
  • ₹462.00. Head Tennis Ball Championship. …
  • ₹320.00. Cosco All Court Tennis Ball, Pack of 3 (11004) …
  • ₹245.00. HEAD Penn X-Out Tennis Ball (529300) (Green) …
  • ₹499.00. Wilson WRT109400 Synthetic Ball, (Yellow) …
  • ₹530.00. Yonex Tour Tennis Ball, Pack of 3. …
  • ₹515.00. Wilson US OPEN XD TBALL 3 BALL CAN. …
  • ₹200.00. …
  • ₹415.00.

Considering this, why tennis ball is not used in cricket?

Well, the reason is simple – a tennis ball is not only softer but also a lot lighter than a leather ball. A leather ball weighs around 156 grams. On the contrary, a tennis ball weighs merely approximately 58 grams. … This phenomenon gives the leather ball the perfect bounce needed for playing the game of cricket.

Which ball is used in IPL?

Leather White Vivo and IPL Cricket Balls, 150gm-162gm

Material Leather
Color White
Weight 150gm-162gm
Usage/Application Promotional
Pattern Printed

What brand of cricket ball is used in India?

The manufacturer of the red (or pink) balls used for Tests varies depending on location: India uses SG; England, Ireland and the West Indies use Dukes; and all other countries use Kookaburra.

What is the price of leather ball?

Questions & Answers on Leather Cricket Ball

Material Min Price Max Price
Leather Rs 115/Piece Rs 325/Piece

What is a wind ball made of?

It is an 8-overs-a-side contest and played mostly on concrete surface. The ball used in this type of cricket is made out of soft plastic material and gives a more consistent bounce on concrete surfaces with less wear and tear than regular or tape balls.

Is Cosco Badminton a Chinese company?

Cosco (India) Ltd. is an India Sports Equipment Manufacturer based in Delhi. … Cosco makes equipment for many sports, among them Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Cricket, Tennis, Rackets, Table Tennis, Skates as well as Fitness Equipment.

What company uses tennis ball?

Full List of ITF Approved Balls for 2020

Ball Type Made In
Dunlop ATP Type 2 Thailand
Dunlop ATP Championship Type 2 Philippines
Dunlop ATP Championship Extra Duty Type 2 Philippines
Dunlop ATP Championship Regular Duty Type 2 Philippines

How much is a tennis ball in rupees?

Yellow Cricket Tennis Ball, Rs 16 /piece Nisha Enterprises | ID: 17694794188.

What is tennis ball called?

A tennis ball is a ball designed for the sport of tennis. Tennis balls are fluorescent yellow in organised competitions, but in recreational play can be virtually any color. Tennis balls are covered in a fibrous felt which modifies their aerodynamic properties, and each has a white curvilinear oval covering it.

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