Which racquet does Del Potro use?

Currently he uses the Wilson ProStaff 97 with a paint job which makes it look like Burn FST 95, having switched from Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 Midplus Stretch that he used early in his career. To go with that, del Potro uses the Luxilon ALU Power and Wilson Natural Gut strings in the mains and crosses respectively.

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Similarly one may ask, how heavy is Del Potro racket?

Although it can be quite heavy for some players (332 grams unstrung), it truly deserves its legendary racquet status as a trusted weapon for advanced players who like stability and control.

In this manner, what happened to Del Potro tennis player? There was good news for Juan Martin del Potro fans on social media Tuesday. The Argentine revealed that he is back on court practising — albeit in a brace — following his fourth right knee surgery, which he underwent in Chicago this March. … The 32-year-old has had one right wrist surgery and three left wrist surgeries.

Additionally, is Del Potro hurt?

Juan Martin del Potro has issued a huge injury update after he made a surprise appearance at the US Open. … He has endured a wretched time with injuries in his career, and has had to undergo four knee surgeries since he last played in 2019.

How old is John McEnroe?

62 years (February 16, 1959)

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