Which is the best racket in Voltric series?

The Voltric Z-Force II is the top of the line racket in the Voltric series, replacing its predecessor, the Voltric Z-Force. This racket sports the thinnest shaft, smaller head, and Tungsten infused grommets, all of which translate to explosive smashes, speed and improved racket handling.

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Consequently, who uses Voltric Z Force 2?

Used by professional players including LEE Chong Wei, LIN Dan, KIDAMBI Srikanth, PRANNOY H. S., JONATAN Christie, Anthony Sinisuka GINTING, PUSARLA V. Sindhu, Michelle LI! With the thinnest shaft ever and improved TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM, this racket will blast all your competition away.

Likewise, people ask, is Voltric Z Force 2? Voltric II Shaft uses NANOMETRIC material which is technological advance and improved material having an impact strength of 140 while stiffness is 98.
Racket Weight 4U (80-84.9g)
Flex Extra Stiff
Material Composition Graphite
Frame H.M. Graphite, Sound Filter, NANOMETRIC, Tungsten

Also know, is Yonex Voltric 0.7 DG?

Combining incredible power and fast racket handling for the first time, VOLTRIC is the perfect racquet for players seeking exceptional ‘all-round’ performance. VOLTRIC’s exclusive TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM helps to achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.

Which is better Voltric or Astrox?

Although both rackets can be used for doubles as well as singles games, the Yonex Astrox 99 racket is a slightly faster option. … For a singles game that requires more accuracy and control along with powerful shots, you can choose the Voltric Z Force II racket.

Which Yonex series is best?

Using the very latest badminton technology from Yonex, the Astrox 66 is the best racket for improving and beginner players. Thanks to the 4U weight, this racket is very light to play with, and the head-heavy balance and flexible shaft ensure that this racket is user-friendly and offers excellent power.

Is Arcsaber 11 good?

Summary. Arcsaber 11 is a very nice racquet. It’s main forte is that it’s a really good all-rounder, delivering a high degree of power, balanced with the ability to turn on the speed to cope with defending , mid-court exchanges and frenzied net play.

Is Voltric Z Force 2 heavy?

Voltric is Strong Sounding

Brand Yonex
Racket Balance Head Heavy
Balance Point (mm) 316mm
Flex Extra Stiff
Weight 88 grams

Is Voltric Z Force 2 Head heavy?

The head heavy Z Force 2 is suits an an attacking style of play. The racket performs better with overhead attacking shots. It lacks a little bit with the defensive shots as it has a smaller sweet spot. … This also means you need to have a very good wrist technique to hit your shots well with this racket.

Which is the most expensive badminton racket?

Li-Ning N36 S2

Which string is best for Voltric Z Force 2?

The best string for Yonex Voltric z force 2 is the BG 65, you can check it here.

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