Which is the best Nanoray badminton racket?

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This item Yonex Professional Best Badminton Combo (Nanoray Light 18i Full Graphite Racquet, Black + Mavis 10 Nylon Shuttlecock, Pack of 6) YONEX Graphite Badminton Racquet, Muscle Power 22LT Black Blue
Item Type Name Badminton Badminton Racquet
Item Weight 77 grams 86 grams
Sport Type Team Badminton

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In respect to this, what is the price of Nanoray Z speed?

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket Unstrung PRICE: RS. 12992.

Beside above, is Nanoray Z speed head heavy? The Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is a head heavy, stiff shafted racquet with a new shape isometric head, a touch smaller than standard size. … The racquet is a 3U (85-89g), G5 which is the smaller grip usually on offer in UK.

Moreover, is Yonex Nanoray d1 good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Lite weight & Value for money. Good racket, value for money, less weight and super getting. The only defect was Handel and grip are not good. Not even satisfactory.

Is Li Ning better than Yonex?

Yonex voltric is developed with tri Voltage system which is more accurate system for better racket performance. Li Ning G Force Pro 2600 is developed on G force technology which uses ultra light frame and Dynamic Optimum frame technology to deliver best in class racket performance.

Which is better Yonex Nanoray or Arcsaber?

Nanoray 750 is top head light racket. Most of the Arcsaber series comes in even balance while some rackets are better in repulsion others are better in control. Arcsaber 11 is even balance (Slightly head heavy), while its repulsion is on positive side.

Which string is best for Nanoray Z speed?


Flex Extra Stiff
Stringing Advice 3U: 20 – 27 lbs, 2U: 20 – 28 lbs
Recommended String Control Players: NANOGY 99 Hard Hitters: BG66 ULTIMAX
Color(s) Lime Yellow
Made In Japan

Which is the best badminton racket under 2000?


  • Thrax Rapid z 105- This is one of the trusted brands in badminton rackets. …
  • Yonex Arcsaber light 15i- …
  • Li Ning G Force 2200i- …
  • Victor Arrow Power 6000- …
  • Apacs Finapi 232- …
  • Yonex Nanoray Light 11i- …
  • Carlton PowerBlade 8700- …
  • Lining G Force 1000i-

Which is the best badminton racket?

Top 5 Badminton Racquets 2021

Badminton Racquets Technology SWING SPEED (10)
Yonex Astrox 99 LCW Namd & Rotational Generator System 9.4
HEAD Octane Pro Advanced Composites Technology 9.2
Li Ning 3D Calibar 001 TB Nano, & Wing Stabilizer 9.6
Yonex Duora 10 LT Aero Box Frame, Nanometric DR 9.2

Who uses duora10?

The Yonex Duora 10 is a racket used by men’s singles world champion Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia. This is a racket launched in 2015 as a new range named with number 10, breaking the traditions of Yonex would introduce a new range with 7.

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