Where should I hold my tennis racket?

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Hereof, how do you hold a racket?

Besides, how do you hold a tennis racket for a backhand hit?

Similarly one may ask, do you hold a tennis racket with two hands?

There are three or four different grips you can use, but a standard two-handed backhand would position the right hand in a neutral continental grip, while the left hand would adopt an eastern forehand grip higher up the racket handle.

Are you holding your racket correctly?

Before you even enter the badminton court, are you holding your racquet correctly? The correct way of holding a racquet is as simple as a FRIENDLY HANDSHAKE. Imagine the grip of the racquet as a hand approaching to shake your hand. Go ahead and hold the racquet as if you’re shaking someone’s hand.

How do you hold a racket when smashing?

Keep the racket arm close to your body and hold the racket pointing down. As with the forehand smash, hit the shuttle at the highest point of contact and flick down your wrist to generate more power. With a backhand smash, a follow through is not needed.

Why is proper grip and racket control important?

Why is the table tennis grip so important? The table tennis grip is important because it controls the angle of the racket (paddle / bat) … And the angle of the racket controls the height of the ball, the depth of the ball, the speed of the ball, the direction of the ball, the type of spin and the amount of spin.

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