Where is UTS being played?

When will UTS happen ? The fourth edition of UTS, called UTS4 will take place on May 24-25 at the Mouratoglou Academy in the South of France, on red clay for the first time.

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Simply so, how does UTS tennis work?

UTS matches will last for a maximum of one hour and will be divided into four quarters of 10 minutes each, all played in the style of a tie-break, with players taking it in turns to serve two points in a row. A deciding point will be played if scores are level at the end of a quarter.

Keeping this in consideration, who won UTS 2021? And the winner is…

Congratulations to Corentin Moutet, the winner of UTS 4 ! The frenchie gave his best and impress the crowd with his tenacious personality and crazy game.

Keeping this in view, what are the rules of UTS?


Each match consists of four quarters of 8 minutes. A match will last on average 30 to 40 minutes + the time of a hypothetical sudden death. The timer stops : during the 2-minute changeover at the end of each quarter.

Who created UTS tennis?

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) is an international individual tennis league first played in 2020. The competition was organized by tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou, and Alex Popyrin — entrepreneur and father of Alexei Popyrin, in response to the disruption of the tennis season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the UTS cards?

Players are allowed to use “UTS cards” to disrupt the run of play for a short period of time. One lets them “steal” their opponent’s serve. Another makes their winners count for three points. A third lets them take their opponent’s first serve away.

How many quarters does tennis have?


How do you score ultimate tennis?

You earn points based on the set scores of your matches. This encourages you to fight hard for every game and rewards you for close losses. Best of all, in the true spirit of tennis, no matter how far down you are you can always come back! Each season this creates exciting playoff point races that go down to the wire.

How does a tennis tournament work?

In essence, tennis tournaments work by accepting as many of the highest-ranked players as possible, given the maximum draw size they accommodate. There may be a qualifying draw to allow lower-ranked players a chance to play. Events normally run on a knockout basis, culminating in a final.

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