Where can I play tennis in Sydney?

We’ve picked out just a selection of the very best tennis courts and club in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

  • Manly Tennis Centre.
  • Keirle Park Tennis Centre.
  • Wakehurst Tennis.
  • Primrose Park Tennis.
  • Cooper Park Tennis.
  • Baker Park Tennis Courts.
  • Eastcourts Tennis.
  • Alexandria Park Tennis Courts.

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Regarding this, is the Sydney International tennis on in 2021?

Unfortunately the 2021 event was cancelled due to covid-19, but will be back in 2022 better than ever! The ATP Cup replaced Brisbane International, Sydney International and the Hopman Cup, the previously held individual events which often conflicted, vying for top players.

Then, is the Sydney International tennis on in 2020? The tournament has not been scheduled in 2020 due to the new ATP Cup tournament. The Sydney International was last noted as an ATP 250 point event on the men’s tour and a WTA Premier event on the women’s tour.

Accordingly, where can I play tennis for free?

Where To Play Tennis For Free

  • Council Courts. All those tennis courts you see in parks and playing fields, some of course cost money, but some are available on a first come first serve basis. …
  • Community Charities. …
  • Club Trials. …
  • Universities: Students & Alumni.

Can we play tennis in NSW?

Tennis NSW notes that there are now restrictions on individuals in LGAs of concern travelling more than 5km from their place of residence for exercise, including tennis. … Finally, the guidance and recommendations provided by Tennis NSW is general only and we do not provide advice for particular circumstances.

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