Where can I play tennis in Phoenix?

Tennis Courts in Phoenix, Arizona

Tennis Court Map Players
Phoenix Country Club 16 E Country Club Dr, Phoenix 2.39 m 0
Rio Salado Park 1076 E Elwood St, Phoenix 2.50 m 0
Phoenix College 1309 W Flower St, Phoenix 2.71 m 0
Radisson Hotel Phoenix City Center 3600 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix 2.84 m 0

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Secondly, where can I play pickleball in north Phoenix?

5 Places to Play Pickleball

  • G.R. Herberger Park.
  • FLC Fitness.
  • Valley Presbyterian Church.
  • Paradise Valley Community Center.
  • Washington Activity Center.
Moreover, are Phoenix pickleball courts open? Phoenix, AZ

The City of Phoenix opened 4 permanent outdoor pickleball courts at this location on 11/27/19. The park is open 5:30am – 10pm, 365 days a year and is free to the public.

People also ask, what size is a pickleball court?

Pickleball Playing Area:30 by 60 feet is the standard when converting a tennis court, but 34 by 64 feet is preferable for tournament play or if you will have a standalone pickleball court.

Where can I play pickleball in Arizona?


  • Deer Valley Community Center, 2001 W. …
  • Encanto Sports Complex, 2121 N. …
  • Goelet A.C. Beuf Community Center, 3435 W. …
  • Longview Neighborhood Rec Center, 4040 N. …
  • Paradise Valley Community Center, 17402 N. …
  • Pecos Community Center, 17010 S 48th St., Phoenix.
  • Pecos Park, 17010 S. …
  • Sunnyslope Community Center, 802 E.

How do you start a pickleball game?

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