Where can I play tennis in Hong Kong?

Here’s our guide to where to play tennis in Hong Kong.

  • Victoria Park. …
  • Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) …
  • The American Club Hong Kong. …
  • Ladies Recreation Club (LRC) …
  • Discovery Bay Recreation Club (DBRC) …
  • Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy (HKGTA) …
  • HKTA Tennis Centre. …
  • Hong Kong Tennis Centre.

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Furthermore, how big is Hong Kong Victoria park?

19 hectares
Victoria Park
Type Urban park
Location 1 Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island
Coordinates 22°16′55″N 114°11′17″ECoordinates: 22°16′55″N 114°11′17″E
Area 19 hectares (47 acres)
Secondly, is Causeway Bay a city in Hong Kong? Causeway Bay is a district of Hong Kong Island, and covering parts of Wan Chai District.

Moreover, where do I play tennis?

You can play tennis at your local park, a gym, or tennis club. Search online or ask friends where the best local courts are. Most parks let you play for free, but you’ll probably need to pay membership fees to play anywhere else.

How much is hkgta?

The admission price for two-year academy access is reportedly HK$190,000, but those looking for a shorter term experience (especially golfers) can opt for the Golden Bear Golf Passport — available across three tiers — which gives you private instruction hours or club fittings, use of the golf facilities and …

Is tennis popular in Hong Kong?

In terms of favourites, badminton (27.5%), swimming (24%), association football (soccer) (18.4%), basketball (9.8%), and tennis (3.8%) are the most popular sports. Golf is an increasingly popular sport, despite the relatively few number of courses in the city.

When was Victoria Park built?


What type of land use does Victoria Park belong to?

mixed land

How many acres is Victoria Park?

213.0 acres

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