Where can I play tennis in Carlsbad?

Tennis Courts in Carlsbad, California

Tennis Court Map Courts
Carlsbad High School 3426 Valley St, Carlsbad 1.16 m 9
Carlsbad Village Academy Tamarack Ave, Carlsbad 1.27 m 6
South Oceanside School Park 1829 Stewart St, Oceanside 1.42 m 2
Laguna Riviera Park 4901 4905 Park Dr, Carlsbad 2.41 m 2

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In this way, are dogs allowed in Poinsettia Park?

Poinsettia Community Park Phase IV – Dog Park, Restroom and Parking Lot. … The off-leash dog park will include an entry plaza with shade structure and separate enclosures for large and small dogs. An area of approx. 7,700 sf is provided for small dogs, while the area for large dogs encompasses about 20,000 sf.

Also question is, where can I play tennis in Encinitas? Tennis Courts in Encinitas, California
Tennis Court Map Indoor
Cottonwood Creek Park 95 N Vulcan, Encinitas 0.90 m No
Bobby Riggs Tennis Club 875 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas 1.07 m No
Glen Park 2149 Orinda Drive, Encinitas 1.43 m No
San Dieguito Tennis Club 1459 Tennis Club Dr, Encinitas 2.03 m No

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