Where can I play tennis in Cancun?

Tennis Courts in Cancun, Mexico State

Tennis Court Map Lights
Hotel Casa Maya Boulevard Kukulcan Km 5.5, Cancun 4.35 m No
Bayview Grand Condos Boulevard Kukulkan Km. 9.5, Cancun 6.46 m Yes
Clipper Club Blvd. Kukulcan Km 9, Cancun 6.47 m Yes

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In this way, which side of Cancun is better?

If you want lovely beaches to be within walking distance from where you are staying, we suggest taking a hotel at the lower part of the Cancun’ 7′ – the one that runs North to South. If you prefer calmer waters on your beach, book a hotel on the side which runs east to west – that is the upper side of the number’ 7.

Beside this, where should you not stay in Cancun? What areas should you avoid in Cancun? Avoid all areas at night apart from the Zona Hotelera – this one is fairly safe. During the day, stay away from non-touristy areas or get a local guide to show you around.

Accordingly, how many days is enough for Cancun?

Many people vary on the length of time, but a minimum of 3-5 days is a good start if you want to hit the most important stops in Cancun. If you want to experience all Cancun has to offer, tourists recommend 7-10 days.

Are there sharks in Cancun beaches?

The straightforward answer is yes there are indeed sharks in Cancun. … There are sharks in all Seas and Oceans except for the Dead Sea (too salty) and very few in the Arctic. Sharks are distributed worldwide and a vital part of any marine ecosystem. They help to maintain marine diversity.

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