Where can I play pickleball in Oakville?

Pickleball Courts in Oakville, Ontario

Pickleball Court Map Lights
William Rose Park 455 Wheat Boom Dr., Oakville 2.46 m No
Fowley Park 106 Fowley Dr, Oakville 2.50 m Yes
George Savage Park 3200 George Savage Ave, Oakville 3.01 m No
Sheridan Tennis Club 2405 Homelands Dr, Mississauga 4.04 m Yes

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Also to know is, can you play pickleball on driveway?

Just so, is pickleball doubles allowed in Ontario? In that zone, the provincial association says doubles and singles play is allowed. It recommends pickleball programs cap at 10 people per room, indoors, with a maximum of 50 people per league. Masks and physical distancing are required while indoors, but masks are not required for play.

Similarly, is pickleball allowed in Ontario?

Also allowed in all stages is the creation of a safe social circle of up to 10 family members and/or friends. Within a safe social circle, physical distancing is not required. Thus for pickleball: gatherings of up to 10 are allowed within and around playing area, while adhering to provincial restrictions.

How do I turn my tennis court lights on?

Press the Green Button to start the lights. They will come on after a brief warm up and stay on for 90 minutes. RED BUTTON: Press the Red Button to turn off the lights after you complete play and there is no one else on the courts.

Where can I play tennis in Burlington?

Tennis Courts in Burlington, Ontario

Tennis Court Map Type
Tyandaga Tennis Club 1265 Tyandaga Park Dr, Burlington 2.67 m Club
Sycamore Park 3157 Centennial Dr, Burlington 2.76 m Public
Burlington Fitness 1233 Dillon Rd, Burlington 3.00 m Club
Appleby Tennis Club 4348 Longmoor Dr, Burlington 3.19 m Club

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